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Better KOL Relationships and RX Analytics

    The Problem:

    Despite the effectiveness of peer to peer marketing, Most Pharma companies spend little effort optimizing their most impactful marketing channel.

    The Opportunity:

    Peer to Peer marketing is the most effective form of selling in the Healthcare industry. Physicians not only change behaviors based on these interactions, but they also request more peer to peer opportunities from medical device and Pharma industries.

    The Solution:

    SpeakerBook applications provide turnkey RX analytics solutions to optimize peer to peer marketing and key opinion leader engagement.

What Can SpeakerBook Do For You?

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Your speaker bureau is the most valuable marketing channel in Pharma and medical device sales.

Access key opinion leaders, speakers bureau lists, and medical science liaisons profiles. Deliver intelligent customer engagement as an individual sales rep or look into SpeakerBook enterprise pricing for your whole pharma team.


SpeakerBook has been proven to optmize peer to peer marketing and improve Pharma sales.

Optimize your peer to peer marketing with pharmaceutical brand Kpis. Search by prescription medication categories. Target any company or RX Analytics for better pre call planning template. View the latest prescription drugs payments by major Pharma brands to key opinion leaders.


Improve your local Pharma pre call planning by accessing relevant RX analytics.

Search by prescription medication category or pharmaceutical brand Kpis to target local KOL speaker bureau territories. Field ops, sales, and marketing teams are able to connect with local keynote speaker bureaus, industry payments, and upcoming local speaking events.

View Pharmaceutical Payments to KOL's From 100's of Companies Including:

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SpeakerBook Client Impact

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Where does SpeakerBook fit in the Healthcare Sales Landscape?

Field Reps & MSL's
  • What do I know about my customer?

  • What value do I offer?

  • Is my data new and up to date?

  • How do I engage with customers?

SpeakerBook Optimization
  • KOL and HCP discovery

  • Sunshine Act analytics

  • Voice notes and doc sharing

  • KOL payment profiles

  • KOL addresses and contacts

Healthcare Practitioners
  • How can I improve patient outcomes?

  • What new info is available?

  • How do I get the information I need?

Locate The Correct Experts and Engage in Productive Peer to Peer Interactions


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